How to prepare cells

For proper sorting or analysis, the cells have to be in a single cell suspension

Controls to prepare for analysis and for sorting

Prepare a tube of unstained cells

Prepare tubes of cells stained with only one stain at a time

For staining of the compensation control tubes, you can often benefit from using compensation beads

For multiparameter flow cytometry you might need FMO controls

For transfected cells, the correct negative control is mock-transfected cells

For sorting

Prepare a single cell suspension; we will filter the sample immediately before sorting

The cell density is also important. For small cells (< 9µm), adjust the cell concentration to approximately 15 x 106 cells/ml.

For larger cells, adjust the cell concentration to approximately 10 x 106 cells/ml

What to bring

  • Your cells to be sorted or analysed in the right tubes. Look at the instrument site to see which tubes and plates the instrument is calibrated for.
  • Relevant controls
  • CD-ROM to transfer data (only if you cannot use the AU server)
  • For sorting: Collection tubes and medium for the sorted cells