AU Users

Analysers run by the users with Drivers License.

The LSRFortessa, the NovoCyte and Quanteon will mainly be run by the users themselves.

Start up fee Price per hour
0 kr 215 kr

Drivers License

AU users can obtain a Drivers License to run their own samples on the LSRFortessa, the NovoCyte or the Quanteon.

To obtain a Drivers License the FACS Core personel will run the users own samples together with the user  1-3 times 2-4 hours (depending on analyser and previous experience). During training, the cost is 430 DKK/hour.

Before the training, the book "FLOW CYTOMETRY A Basic Introduction" by Michael G. Ormerod must be read if the user has no previous flow cytometric experience.

The FACS Core Facility have a few copies of the Michael Ormerod book to lend.


A "Drivers License" includes "hotline help" afterwards in daytime.

Samples run by the FACS Core staff:

If you want the FACS Core Staff to run your samples at the LSRFortessa or NovoCyte the price is

300 kr for starting and 430 kr per hour.

If you need assistance with data analysis the price is
430 kr pr hour